Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cooking With The Sun

Well if you can't tell, a couple of days has passed since my last post soo... Here is an update on my quest to go a little greener.

I recently began cooking with the sun using a solar funnel I made out of cardboard and foil. Last month we were visited by my father in law and his wife and they brought their solar cooker for me to try. We had talked about it during his visit the previous year and since then (well a bit before) I had been thinking of trying it out myself.

So since I am the King of Getting Things Done, I got right on it. A year and a half or so later.

Anyway, I have also decided to start blogging about it as well. Yeah I know, I have done so well with these others....

My goal is to put together my experiences, notes and recipes as well as pictures as I go along. It is so easy, I want to show people that even little things like this can help. I mean, how cool is it to cook without fire or electricity? I am a month behind already, but just for an idea of what I have tried so far, here is a small list.

Chili, bread, stew, soup, cake and chicken.

To see more, check out my new Cooking With The Sun blog.


Anonymous said...

You can build a Fun-panel solar cooker in less than an hour from a cardboard box and a few metres of aluminium foil.

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International

Tracy said...

Thanks for the great link Tom (Ben?), I'll add that to my links list when I put it together.