Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting rid of the trash

We finally made the decision to end our garbage service the other day. I think the neighbors thought we were odd (odder then normal anyway) when the garbage company hauled them away.

We have been so used to recycling over the years that the only can we fill up out of the 4 containers they give us was, I'm sure you guessed it, the recycling container. The actual trash container was taking us a couple of months to fill and we would usually put it out every month whether it was full or not. This is while paying for weekly service.

Now weekly service isn't super expensive or anything, I mean we only pay $20 a month, but we were able to switch to an on call service for only $8 each time we have them pick it up. Figure every other month at most and we pay $48 a year saving $192 a year. Sure we have to drop off our recycling now, but that is just around the corner from where we shop so no biggie.

It'll be interesting to see if any neighbors follow suit because they were asking my wife about us doing it yesterday and seemed interested in the idea, as well as a bit shocked we have so little trash with a family of 4.

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