Sunday, May 11, 2008

Putting the buggy before the horse

Isn't it about time you take your horse out for a spin? This time, why don't you let him drive? Here is the next gizmo for all you gadget fiends out there.

Abdolhadi Mirhejazi, an inventor living in Dubai has built an interesting contraption that allows a horse to ride in the cart it powers. A cross between a buggy and an over sized treadmill, the Naturmobile is Mr. Mirhejazi's modern solution for all weather transportation using the age old horse and wagon.

The horse actually climbs inside the wagon and walks on a treadmill that powers the whole thing using a complicated gear system. Not only does it provide enough power to run the wagon, but enough to charge a battery that can give the horse a 20 minute break every now and again. Best of all, the horse is out of the weather keeping cool (or warm) right along with the passengers he labors so hard to transport with no real benefit to himself.

Is it practical? Probably best to ask the horse, but I will say this... I want one!!

For more info and a bunch of pictures, check out the article.

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