Friday, March 7, 2008

The Global Warming Fad

The consensus is in... Global Warming is a fad.

After tabulating the results of a rather exhaustive *poll, it is clear this whole global warming thing is just a cash cow for those who stand to make a buck. The whole "is it really happening?" or "is it caused by man?" crap is a bunch of pointless propaganda coming from both sides of the argument ( not debate because neither side really hears or cares what the other has to say).

Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are a great number of good honest people on both sides that truly believe their side is right and the other side for whatever reason has just not seen the light. But they mostly seem to be missing the point. As a result we have millions of people on both sides of the issue throwing a great deal of time and effort, not to mention money trying to prove they are right and the rest are just misinformed.

Behind these well meaning people we also have a large number of groups on both sides funneling in money and support doing their best to ensure their financial interests are protected. Many of these groups are not convinced either way, but instead see a real risk to future profits if the general population swings to the side of the opposition.

The crazy thing is, all this endless back and forth harms every one of us by sidetracking us from what really matters.

Wouldn't it make more sense to move past the endless arguing about the reality of something we probably won't prove satisfactorily for either side in our lifetimes and focus on things that we can control here and now?

How many of us would agree we need to stop raping the planet of it's resources before we either run out or poison ourselves with indiscriminate dumping or pointless waste? How many of us would agree we need to move towards renewable sources of energy so we can once and for all end our dependence on other nations and their whims to keep the backbone of our economy intact and strong? And how many of us would like to see the money spent on all the above kept in our country, providing jobs and opportunity to our people first, and helping others only after we have strengthened and secured our own future?

Imagine what could happen if average people everywhere said enough is enough and just started with themselves at home. If we all stopped worrying about who is right or wrong and began working on going green ourselves. Sooner, rather then later those in charge of supplying us with our goods and services will have to take notice or risk losing business to those who will.

Stop worrying about this global warming fad and enriching those who would profit off of the fear mongering and misinformation coming from both sides. It won't be too long before this fad, like all others is just a bad memory. Instead, focus on making personal choices at home that are more responsible both to your family and our planet. After all, we are each responsible for the impact our personal decisions have on the world around us and everything we do will affect the condition of the world we leave our children.

*Poll was conducted from a random sampling of me, and holds just as much value as any other poll using leading questions and selective interpretation of resulting data.

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sanja gjenero


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I have been sucked into the Global Warming trap for a few years until I finally got sick of the back and forth blah blah of it all and came to the decision that whether or not global warming is real a more green lifestyle actually makes more sense both environmentally and fiscally. We, like you have made a real effort to live more sustainably without being a whacko at it. I've been using my blog to share tips on living more green and covering the global warming debate without really taking a side.
By the way, I absolutely loved your description of your blog, without giving up your hi speed...hysterical.

Tracy said...

Thanks for your comments :)

If people would just realize you do not need to become a fanatic to do the right thing, a heck of a lot more would get accomplished.

It is resistance to the idea you need to live in a cave with no electricity and eat berries in order to make a difference that prevents people from even beginning to move in a positive direction.

If we had less commercials about credit cards and prescription drugs and more about living within our means and in a responsible fashion, many of our problems would go away.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Moderation in all things as the saying goes. What you say is true, people think they have to give up everything, when really all they need to do to get started is turn off the a/c and open the windows or instead of throwing away peelings, throw them in a compost pile, simple.