Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ever wished you could light that fart?

Here's a nifty solution that makes it possible to reduce waste while providing both fuel for your home and fertilizer for your home garden.

Sintex Industries has come up with a new biogas digester that turns human waste, cow poo and kitchen garbage into fuel that can be used for cooking or generating electricity. They designed this nifty digester to address India's concerns regarding both sanitation and growing energy needs.

The digester uses bacteria to break down waste which in turn emits gases, mostly methane. These gases are then piped into a storage canister.

They claim a family of 4 can provide enough energy to cook all of their meals as well as fertilize their garden, and at $425 pays for itself in 2 years in India.

With fuel prices headed no where but up, an investment such as this makes sense here at home as well.

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