Friday, March 7, 2008

Cow Power

What does aand a have in common?

They may both be powering your home in the very near future. That is if you live in Riverdale California and are served by PG&E's local power company.

David Albers, president of BioEnergy Solutions has spearheaded the Vintage Dairy Biogas Project in California's agricultural heartland. They will soon be adding enough cow power to the grid to provide energy for up to 1,200 homes a day.

The project takes the manure from the Riverdale farms 5,000 cows and produces methane gas that is processed and then fed into PG&E's pipeline.

Next time you are pan searing your steak and onions and drinking your favorite micro brew, take a moment and thank the animal that made it all possible. Not only did he provide the steaks, he brought the gas to cook it too.

Photography by diego medrano and dave gostisha

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