Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who'd of thought typing could save the planet?

So I have finally learned how to type.

What does this have to do with going green you ask? Well, the way I figure it, I can save time and energy by being more efficient when I write conserving both calories (translating into less travel needed for groceries) and electricity needed to run this computer. Or it would if I could type more than 6 and half words a minute.

To be honest, I put it in here because of the method I am using to type. When I Googled for free programs to learn how to type (see, I am conserving money) I ran across something called the Dvorak keyboard. It caught my attention with its claims of being easier to learn and much less work then the Qwerty method (see, yet more ways for a lazy guy like me to conserve). As if that wasn't enough it claims to dramatically reduce RSI due to having been designed around the needs of the typist rather then the old style typewriter that Qwerty was designed for.

I won't take up much more time discussing Dvorak because as you will find in your own searches, a lot has already been said. I did want to leave you with some links I have found useful though.

You can learn how to change your keyboard to Dvorak for free here.

If you would like to have something to help visually until you get the keyboard down you can print a copy here.

For a bare bones basic course you can look here and for a more advanced course with timing and games you can go here.

After about a week now I will tell you I am very happy with my decision. In the past I have made a few failed attempts to learn how to type and this is the only time it has stuck. The layout makes sense and most words can be typed using just two rows of keys which is important for someone like me.

Now to build up to a respectable speed so I can write a post like this in less then three ours.

Photography by Erik Dungan

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