Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kicking our oil addiction

How do we finally wean ourselves off of non renewable sources of energy? There are more opinions and heated arguments on this then many other topics but the Solar Grand Plan is one of the most comprehensive plans I have seen so far.

The basic jist is to build a variety of power generation sources using primarily solar energy due to its abundance and other sources such as wind and hydro as well as underground compressed air storage to supply stored energy at night.

They focus on solar farms as the key source of energy for the article, but realize that distributed sources(solar, wind, hydro etc.) generated at the point of use are necessary as well. In addition to providing a well thought out plan and article, the authors continue to discuss and answer any questions as they arise in the comment section that follows.

I highly recommend this article even if only to peak your interest in what is possible with todays technology. In my honest opinion, the only reason we are not further along in our use of renewable energy is because the average person is not truly aware of our current capabilities.
Photography by Dan MacDonald

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