Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just legalize it

Should renting or leasing solar panels qualify the company providing them as a utility company? That is what the Nevada Public Utilities Commission is set to decide in the very near future.

If the PUCN has its way, residents choosing to go solar may have no choice but to pony up 10's of thousands of dollars to do so. And this in a time when several companies are stepping up to make providing yourself with clean renewable energy affordable for almost any homeowner.

The PUCN claims providing panels in this way would be a duplication of service and if allowed, the various services would need to be further regulated and broken into specific territories. All because a few forward thinking companies see a market in providing affordable solar.

I wonder if companies renting gas powered emergency generators had to go through these sorts of hoops in order to rent you their systems.

More likely someone is afraid their monopoly is at risk of facing a bit of competition. Can you imagine what the future of energy will look like once the average person is finally able to choose what is best for themselves?

It's about time our free market system started acting like one.

Photography by Agata Urbaniak

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